PureBLUE / Ericoid Mycorrhizal Fungi

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Blueberries are unique in that they rely on symbiotic fungi to survive. Ericoid mycorrhizal fungi primarily colonize the root hairs in blueberries. The cricoid fungal hyphae form a loose network over the hair root surface and can penetrate the epidermal cells often at several points filling the cells. It is through these coils that nutrient exchange occurs. PureBLUE provides the ericoid mycorrhizal fungi that blueberries strongly depend on for nutrient acquisition from organic matter. PureBLUE influences plant growth and nutrient uptake. 
Our added bacteria strains aid in blueberry production to increase the leaf area, leaves produced, and stem diameter. Together, these bacteria and fungi species add a powerful boost in the uptake of critical nutrients.

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